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Better Trader Academy Trading Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

On today's podcast, we have another success story.

This time we’re joined by Craig Peters from London, England.

Craig is an algorithmic stock trader who scans about 10,000 global stocks every day looking for trading opportunities.

He was looking for a way to reduce nasty drawdowns. After taking a technique he saw in a Better Trader Academy course and applying it in a unique way, he saw a BIG difference in his trading…

Not just in back tested results, but in LIVE trading too.

The results have been outstanding and in our chat with Craig we dig deeper to uncover how he did it, so you can do it too.

Here’s what you’ll discover in our chat today:

  • How global stock trader Craig improved risk adjusted returns by almost 40%,
  • How he took a simple (but very powerful) technique and applied it in a unique way to achieve incredible results,
  • The “Composite Indicator” Craig created to filter out poor-quality trades,
  • The importance of being creative to get an edge in the markets,
  • How you can leverage the same techniques as Craig to start improving returns and slashing painful drawdowns,
  • Plus, so much more.

Do you have any trading questions you’d like answered? Submit them here, and we may cover them in a future episode!