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Better Trader Academy Trading Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

Can you believe 2018 is gone, just like that?

Yep! And what a year it has been…

A lot was achieved, and a lot was learned.

Now, like for any other year, it’s crucial to reflect on where you were the most and least successful in 2018.

It’ll make your 2019 goals a lot more REALISTIC and allow you to really focus on what can be improved.

So, join us in this podcast while we go back in time through the year of 2018 and reveal what we learned, achieved and can improve upon, and what you need to know to be ready for 2019!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Tomas’s and Andrew’s biggest trading lessons of 2018, and how they’re applying them to their new year’s goals,
  • What you need to know about the markets before embarking on your trading projects for 2019,
  • How you can be better prepared for a future market crisis,
  • What you can implement in your trading that could help you predict your moves and avoid nasty ones,
  • And much more.

Do you have any trading questions you’d like answered? Submit them here, and we may cover them in a future episode!