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Better Trader Academy Trading Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

Max Schulz, a swing trader from Germany, was having the time of his life in Thailand.

One day, while sipping cocktails on the beach with his trading mates, someone jokingly asked if they could beat Larry Williams 10,000% return in the World Cup Trading Championships.

With absolutely no preparation, and barely any experience in trading stock index futures Max took their joke seriously and entered the competition.

The result?

Max came 3rd place in the 2017 World Cup Trading Championship, with a fantastic return of 112%.

How was he able to achieve such a great return?

What was his secret?

In today’s episode, he’s here to tell it all. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The simple trick Max used to increased returns while reducing drawdown by more than half,
  • Tips and techniques you can use right now to get more confident with your trading,
  • Max’s advice to avoid getting ruined by any strategy,
  • And much more.

Do you have any trading questions you’d like answered? Submit them here, and we may cover them in a future episode!